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This summer, Allo Restaurant, Bar & Tapas will introduce you to the stunning Ios island of Cyclades

Ios the rock that shines like a diamond

In the Aeagen Sea, the Cyclades island of Ios will, for sure, dazzle you !

The greek islands in the Mediterranean Sea are so idyllic.

White whashed houses with an infinite of blue roofs... and the Mediterranean sea.

When you breathe, you can smell the perfumes of the sea, of the origan, of the south wind... Easy does it !

In a white and blue formula, the landscapes and architecture are the incarnation of beauty and harmony. In Ios, the small mountains are overlooking the big blue and the turquoise waters.

You may cross hundred of goats on the roads all around the islands while watching the sea from above.

On one side, you will recognize Santorini, very close. Facing Allo Restaurant is the island of Sikinos.

On the other side of this small greek island, you will embrace the view of the differents islands of the Small Cyclades.

The Cyclades archipelago spreads on 2600 km, on the southern Aeagen Sea.

Around 250 islands make a circle around the sacred island of Delos.

There are very famous islands in the cycladic zone. Crete is the biggest, with a fantastic artcraft. Mykonos is very famous. Naxos, Paros are on the way to Ios when you take the ferry from Piraeus.

The only way to come to Ios is to come by boat. Ferries can do the trip within 3 hours, or 12, depending on what kind of boat you take. Speedboat or ferry.

You can come from Athens and Piraeus, from Crete, Heraklion, or from Santorini, many differents airports are availaible. Also from Mykonos and Paros ...

Then you need to take a boat to Ios. This part of the trip is very romantic. If you are lucky, you may see dolphins !

Only 24 islands are inhabited in the greek islands in Cyclades.

One of those pure, unspoiled and beautiful greek island is Ios.

Also called 'The Rock'.

Scattered all around with white little marble pebbles, the sunlight into the sea is breathtaking during the day ! You might even meet an octopus, early in the morning on the beach who wants to play with you ! True story !

What to visit ? Many archeological sites, beautiful ruins, volcanic area of Santorini and the black caldera, minoan sites, Ios Museum and many places that only locals can teach you.

And of course the nature so wild and pure. Beauty is really everywhere...

Most of the places like Chora (the village), the port are in a fair walking distance.

Ios, 7 km x 14 km, that's the size. Small, but so infinite in the end...

Just a little bit of history

Greece is considered like the cradle of civilization. The greek mythology, the greek gods and godesses are known all over the world. Those ancient times still make us dream.

The philosopher Homer's mother was supposed to be born in Ios, and Homer himself has his official tomb. With a fantastic wiew !

Many beautiful and inspiring churches have bloomed all around by the times.

They are now 365 churches on the island, one for every day of the year, where the pope goes to ring the bell every day.

You can also let you go following the stone-paved path to Palaiokastro to reach the remains of a byzantine fortress...

You will enjoy the unique flora, the different scents of the thyme and origan...

Ios is a fairy voyage in your trip. A unique experience. Must absolutely be on your 'to do list'.

Be careful, you may fall in love with Ios !

The seaside is so powerful, the village is so picturesque, like a maze of small streets all around the hill of Chora. The small white washed houses climb up the hill unto the highest church, where people love to go to relax and meditate for the sunset.

This way of building keeps the village sheltered from the meltemi, this strong and famous wind blowing in the greek islands.

Beautiful sceneries are everywhere. From the road going from Chora to Manganari, you are on the top of the island and you can realise that the Mediterranean is all over around. The blue is visible 360 degrees, incredible !

A legend says that Ios is laying on a big quartz underwater deposit, and that's the reason why we can feel this incredible positive energy.

Ios gives us a very particular feeling, because of the good vibes you feel from the place...

The invisible goes visible suddenly for you. Magic place...

Ios Beaches, from heaven to heaven

There are 35 sandbeaches all around the island. On some, you will really feel like Robinson Crusoe. You, the sea and the sky.

Some of those beaches are really spectacular, like Manganari, some are shy, like Kolitsani or Psathi... and look like virgin natural landscapes.

Very close to Allo Restaurant, you can enjoy the beautiful and lively Yialos Beach, and a little further, after the village (Chora), you can appreciate Milopotas Beach, a very famous one where beach parties take place, volley-ball and all kind of nautic sports, like paddle, windsurf, diving ...

You have to know that the most difficult thing with Ios, ... is to leave.

The greek warm welcoming, the art of joy and simplicity

Welcoming people is part of the greek culture.

They is an untranslatable world which is "philoxenis" that means :

the art to welcome the person that you don't know.

We could say that the magic word is sharing. That's what we do in Allo Restaurant for 6 years now.

Sharing time like it stood still, enjoying our creative cuisine and cocktails ...and our secret recipe of Rakomelo from Ios.

You will be trying never tasted food and drinks for sure ! Our modern and warm taverna can't wait to welcome you !

One of our must is the sunset hour, sharing live music sessions every evening...

Guitar, bouzouki, and singing, the best time ever.

The nightlife is a culture we love very much.

Allo Restaurant embodies all that. Let us be your travel guide to the Ios vibes, You will be moved forever.

In Allo Restaurant, we sincerely love and cultivate our talent to make you explore another life in Ios.

Coming in Ios, an adventure to share in our Allo Restaurant

Island-hopping, sailing boats, private cruises they all make a stop in Ios for one day, ... and stay one week. We know that, because Allo Restaurant is located in the port.

Our terrace is kind of a balcony to watch the boats coming and leaving...

Allo Restaurant is 100 meters from the ferry (see the map here).

We speak greek, english, french and spanish.

Our place provides you a fantastic local,mediterranean and very creative food, with local products.

Our cuisine respects nature and oceans.

We also care of vegan food and gluten free.

In Allo Restaurant, we can't wait to meet you for a very special moment !

Or make a call Contact : 0030 22698 469

Allo Restaurant Bar Tapas

Contact : 0030 22698 469

Port of Ios

Cyclades, Greece

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