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Local products, YES, but what?

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Local products she said, but can you tell me more about it ?

As explained before, we are trying to work as much as we can with local products.

This article will be a small introduction for all of our locals suppliers.

From the garden to the sea, Cheeses to Wines

We are trying to provide you the best ingredients.

As garden, it's been already few years that we are ordering some veggies and fruits

From our local producer also friend, Antonis Kontonikolis,

Such as our famous roasted baby potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, zucchini flowers ...

We also started our own garden this year, which is a lot of job!

We did plant a few differents things, like corn, peas, carrots, cucumber

And they are some that were there before us for exemple, grapes, figs, capers ...

We will see this year what is working, and i'm sure we will do better next year!

Let's have a small chat about those delicious CHEESES we do have on Ios Island,

Diaseli, Owned by the beautiful family Haros and opened since 1922!

They are doing such an amazing job with the cheeses!

You can of course try them at allo, or at the cheese factory.

Now that we are on the hill, let's speak about wines.

We are very happy to offer you, both of the local wines you can find around us.

Which means Ios wines and Sikinos winery Manalis.

Both motivated by the love of wine, grapes and nature,

You can be sure that you will find the best in your glass!

As our mind goes to fresh ingredients and local products,

You can imagine that we also want to work with fresh fish and local meat.

Those two are a bit more difficult, as you can imagine, but we try our best.

We are getting some fresh fish from the local fisherman's, as tuna, grouper, seabream ...

About the meat is the really hard point, but we can find some lamb, rabbits, wild pork but this also has seasons (which I didn't know)

For now we do have daily fresh eggs, which I think is a good start

Don't you think so? Maybe local chickens in the next years, who knows?

I hope you start getting the idea of the place.

And hope to see you here to tell you more about us.

Peace and Love

See you soon!


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